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Rod and I met in the summer of 1989, six months later we were engaged on my 17th birthday.  Yes 17, when you know you are on a good thing you stick to it.  Our family's were suitably horrified but came around to the idea.  When Rod asked for my hand the only condition was that we waited to marry when I was 19.  So on the 11th of January 1992, we did just that.  Nearly 10 years later we couldn't be happier, except if we had got to keep our angel.  I know I love him more everyday.  He really is my best friend!

Our earthbound angel Zac was born in a rush on the 10th of February 1994 and hasn't stopped since.  He weighed a mere 3lbs 5 oz and has since that day brought us such great joy.  He looks just like Dad except for the hair but I must say he has his Mummy's temper!

Our heavenbound angel Grace, how do I say in a paragraph how important she is in our family.  32 and a half hours is all we were privileged to receive.  How much she changed our lives is amazing.  Never again will anything be taken for granted ! So small to have achieved SO much.

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