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Our Angel Grace

So begins our photo journey of Grace's life, this page shows 

her birth and death all within 32 and a half hours :(

15th, 16th and 17th December 1998

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grace5.jpg (337843 bytes)

Zac and Mummy 10 hours before Grace was born, before we knew what was about to happen.  I often think this is the last real smile I ever had.

gracejustborn.jpg (182494 bytes)

Hello big wide world here I am !!!

Grace just after she was born

graceresp.jpg (34919 bytes)

Grace in Mummy's arms waiting for the angels to come :(

graceandmummycrying.jpg (44300 bytes)

The worst few moments of our lives

nanygrandaddaddygrace2.jpg (50259 bytes)

Grace, Mummy, Nanny and Grandad

gracenannydaddygdmum.jpg (52991 bytes)

Why did our first cuddle have to be our last??

gracedied.jpg (162208 bytes)

Grace just after she got her wings



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